Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Bit Of Writing

I have been inwardly debating whether to post some of my own writing or not. The major issue is that I hardly have enough suitable material to show y'all. I should be doing writing right now, for instance, to see if I can't change that.
Oh, hey, by the way, se trata de Hannah. It's me again. Been busy, busy, busy during the holidays, but we're back. So there oughta be more posts in the next few... whiles... 'cause we're planning on starting to schedule posts to, well, post themselves on a normal basis. Semi-normal. Maybe.
But for the meantime, I'm looking through my files for suitable, at-least-slightly-interesting text that I might be able to put on here.

Also, there's a tiny itty-bitty problem. The story I'm writing actually has my real-life friend as the star, and I don't think it would a wonderfully brilliant idea to go writing about her life, real or fantasy, on the Internet, so if I put anything on here, it will probably have to be edited quite a bit.

But.............. for the mean-time, again, because I realize I've already said that, I'll put this tiny thing on here, and you can tell me what you think if you like (you too, Trinity, since you don't usually get to read this stuff, though you've frequently attacked my files with intent to devour).

Now, for explanity-stuff (explanatory whatevers - I am currently having grammar problems), this thing here is a dream the main character is having. It might be a bit dramatic, but seriously, I'd like some honest constructive criticism.

*WARNING* The following text has not been thoroughly edited. Spelling, grammar, and storyline mistakes may occur. You may alert the writer to the last two of these if you wish (she can handle her own spelling mistakes, though apparently she has some trouble spelling 'own'). For the moment, please excuse her clumsy retardedness.

The sound of metal crashing was deafening. It echoed across the valley, and for those who knew what it meant, their breathing was stilled. Thousands of armored boots were treading across a field, on the path to obliteration.
Half a mile away, on a cliff side, a woman in chain mail tied back her hair to ensure that it wouldn‘t hinder her in the ensuing battle.
“They’re on the move,” she whispered to her companion. Her silver winged helmet reflected the moonlight.
Her companion nodded and removed his cloak. His double knives slipped from their sheathes without a sound.
The pinpricks of flame that were the army’s torches bobbed in the distance, indicating the enemy’s position. The warriors on the cliff side watched in dreadful anticipation.
The woman laid a hand on the arm of the man beside her, getting his attention again. He flinched at her touch.
“High-strung?” she guessed, withdrawing her hand.
He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. “Aren’t we all?” he said in a low voice.
She gave him a worried look. “Do you think we’ll be able to win this?”
The man tossed one of his knives into the air and let if flip end over end several times before catching it. “I certainly hope so.”
They stood there without talking for several minutes. The woman ran her hand across the hilt of her sword nervously.
“No,” a voice echoed up the side of the cliff. “No! No!!!”
The man and woman exchanged glances in alarm before the voice shrieked, “It’s a trick! They’re here! They’re ” and then the voice was cut off suddenly. Sounds of battle reverberated from the ground below.
Simultaneously, the two warriors sprinted to the edge of the cliff. “They’re still a long way off!” the woman shouted over the noise. “How can this ?”
An enormous fireball exploded from below the cliff. The flames stretched up to the sky, bleaching the plains orange with it’s light.
In the precious seconds of illumination, the defenders on the cliff saw hundreds of warriors just beneath the rock edge. Their swords and armor were painted black, as to reflect as little light as possible, but blood dripped from their blades.
“No,” the woman whispered in horror. “A trap.”
The scene was obliterated, blinding white light eclipsing it. A deep, ringing voice proclaimed:
“The white one shall be beyond your reach. The angel shall be lost.”
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Remember, this is a dream. It will be a bit important later in the story.  I'll see if I can put some more on later, if you like. But for now, I'm wrapping this up. I have decided... drastically......
NOT to schedule this post! HA HA HA HA!

Yes, I take pleasure in little nutty decisions like that.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, we like comments. A lot. It seems we all love comments here in Writey Happy Land. So if you have something you'd like to say...

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