I'm Trinity. I'm 19 years old. 

I believe Jesus Christ, God's son, came down to earth and died to
take the punishment for my sins upon himself so that I could 
spend eternity in Heaven, and that the Holy Spirit lives in my heart now.
I'm homeschooled and proud of it.
I'm one of those "right-wing extremists" 
I live in a small town in the Great State of Arkansas.
At any given moment I could have up to three knives on my person. 
I am a Groany, which means I'm a Brony, but I'm  not necessarily happy about it.
I keep a rifle in my closet and a Bible on my shelf.
I am a Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, the Inheritance Trilogy, Marvel and DC Superhero Nerd. 
Ask me anything.
I am the oldest of ten children, all homeschooled. 
I was born in Branson, Missouri.
I have a passable knowledge of Star Trek.  
My hobbies included photography, reading, anything to do with a blade, and of course, 

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