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Location Post - The Seventh Dimension (AKA, Dimensions In General)

That's me. I've been trying to think of a more interesting way for us to show who's speaking right off the bat without saying "It's us!" I mean, you can't get very creative with "It's Hannah!" I've tried. Did you know that Hannah is spelled Hannah in almost every language in the world? No, neither did I, until I tried to look up another translation. I could sign my name in Arabic, but that would take too long. I could do Spanish, I guess. "Hola, se trata de hannah, ¿cómo estás, mis amigos?" (Translation: Hello, this is Hannah, how are you, my friends?)

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Anyways, that's what the Internet's about, isn't it? Cat pictures?

So, now that I've sufficiently distracted you, today's post will be a Location Post. It was going to be something different, but I couldn't explain that thing without explaining this thing... so I'm going to say a little bit about dimensions.

I'm not going to explain wormholes, or talk about the dimensions of an object. That would be boring to me, and probably to you. I'm going to attempt to explain how Eyra and it's surrounding countries work, and where they fit into all of this.

The Seventh Dimension
or in specific, an unnamed planet in the Seventh Dimension, on which the majority of the story takes place

I have not had time to go to Ohana Lost-tide for a map of this planet. I'll get one up when possible, but until then you will have to depend on your imaginations.
To begin with, the dimensions (according to me) are linked together. There are several hundred, but only a few important ones. If we say that Earth is dimension #1, then Eyra's dimension is the Seventh, Mor, the prison dimension, is the Sixth, and Bryd, the home of the bird-people, is the Third. Dragon Haven is the Eighth. There are others, naturally (don't think I just forgot about numbers 2, 4, 5, and all the others after 8), but these are the important ones. Currently we are focusing on Eyra's dimension, the Seventh, and Eyra's planet in particular.
But as I was saying, the dimensions are linked together. I'm going to begin a weird analogy, so stick with me.
Imagine our dimension as an island. It's in the middle of the ocean (naturally), and you can't see anything but water beyond the edges of the land. Out in the distance, however, there are other islands with other people that you've never met. Now say that one person on a distant island had a boat. They sail over, carrying the end of a rope. When they get to your island, they set up a zip-line. Then they leave.
Now, you are still on your home island, and you still can't see across the ocean, but if you use the zip-line, you can get across to the other island.
Now let's say that the same person with a boat went around to all the nearby oceans and set up zip-lines, one between your island and their's, another between their island and a second one, and yet another between your island and the said second island. There would be a veritable web of intersecting zip-lines.
Now let's imagine that you couldn't connect directly to one place you wanted to get to. But if you went halfway across one of the zip-lines on your island, you'd intersect with another line. Then, if you could transfer yourself to that line, you could get to the place you wanted to get to. Without a boat, anyone could travel to wherever they wanted to, but without walking or swimming.

Yes, I warned you that it would be a weird analogy. This here was a tiny peek into the way my brain works.

So that's about how the dimensions work. Sometimes there are direct pathways between one dimension and another, like in the case of our dimension and Eyra's. I call these 'color tubes'. Creative, right? But they literally are tubes of swirly color tunnel things. Like this:

And you can walk through these nifty little things to get to another dimension.
Drat, I said I wouldn't talk about wormholes. Okay, it would be more apt to say that a color tube is a pretty-looking wormhole. More on that later.

Now, if you are unable to get into a direct-to-dimension color tube, there are ways to get yourself into a little place I like to call the Void.
It looks like this:

It's big, and white everywhere. Being in the Void is like being underwater, except you can breathe. It's got the other side effects, though, like sluggish movements, floating hair, and general weightlessness. I'm not sure if you have to blink or not (because, you see, we have discovered that blinking underwater is not necessary, and presumably because the water keeps your eyeballs nice and moist).
There are also holes all over the place. In the Void, not in your eyeballs. These holes are tunnels that lead to hundreds of different dimensions. The Void is practically a dimension central, like the bus station of teleportation. You have to be careful, though, because, once you come close to a portal, it will slowly begin pulling you in, so you must be sure that it's the portal you want.   

But now, going back to the zip-line analogy, imagine that only one person knew where the zip-line was on your island. Or imagine that someone could take your end of the zipline and just move it around.
To get into a color tube, or into the Void, you need a sort of a trigger. Something has to trigger the movement. You can be in the right place, but unless you trigger something, you stay firmly planted on your 'island'.
There are at least three currently known ways of teleporting between dimensions: a 'smoking rock'; a physical portal, like a doorway; or a dragon.
Dragons are the most handy, in my opinion. They can go anywhere. A dragon is practically a dimensional multi-pass. A dragon can enter a color tube, or teleport directly to the Void, or, if they want to get there right now, they can skip the portals and blink directly to the place they want. One of their favorite ways of triggering portals that I've found, is making a fire ring and passing through it. Nifty dragons...
Now, if you happen to not have a dragon, you have a few other options. Find a stable dimension doorway, or find a smoking rock. Neither of them are guaranteed to get you exactly where you want, because they have a default drop-off spot called an 'anchor'. It's like a pre-programmed teleporter. If you touch a smoking rock or go through a portal doorway, you go to a pre-selected location. With smoking rocks, some are programmed to send you into the Void. From there, you can try to find your desired dimension.
Smoking rocks and stable portals are also dangerous. You don't know quite where you'll end up, and there's many a person who accidentally walked into another dimension when they thought they were just walking through a ruined stone doorway.

Okay, I've been going on and on (I've probably been writing for around two hours), and I've hardly breached the subject of Eyra's planet.  

As far as I know, there are three countries on Eyra's planet, as I've said before, in this post: . The countries are named Eyra (home of the Elves), Ente (home of the Dwarves), and Orphna (home of the medieval Humans). There are other countries, too, I'd wager, but these are the only discovered ones to date.

And, by Jove, I've completely forgotten what else I was going to say. Go figure.

If you have any questions, or you want me to re-explain the concept, or you want to say something about my odd analogies or funny little brain, go ahead and say something, because I'm going to wind down now. There's already another post in the making, talking about the properties of the creatures of my little world.
For now though, dinner is imminent. Stir fry awaits, so I'll "see" you later.

P.S. In the Eyra Location Post, I said that Eyra resided in the Sixth dimension. That will have been changed by now, because as the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

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