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If you're coming here to find out what the hay is going on in some of the stories, then you're in the right place. Here I will attempt to sum up the basics of each story I've written without spoiling them.

Very difficult.

But worth it, because when I've read other people's stories online just by jumping in, I often have a very hard time making sense of what's going on and who's who and where they are and what the genre is and what era it's in, etc, etc, so I'm going to try to spare you that frustration.

I'm working on four different novels/stories right now, which is quite a lot, but here they are:


Anjrew Arion is the rightful heir to the throne of Aouthentica, which is currently in the hands of his treacherous great-uncle. Unfortunately, he's not even in the same country. He's in Milliayn, a village donated through the hospitality of the monarchy in Bairek. Hospitality that's running dry after nineteen years. Upon investigation, Aouthentica isn't doing too well either. Most of it's citizens are enslaved or being held hostage.

As their fragile world crumbles around them, Jrew has to fight for his people and both his homes, politically and physically.

Tribes Of The Earth - NaNoWriMo 2012: 

10/17/2012 synopsis:
In the year 2027 an enormous earthquake literally rocks the world. The consequences are mind-numbing. Tsunamis ravage the coasts traveling farther in than ever before. Nuclear power plants are destroyed in minutes, houses crumble, and cities disappear into gaping chasms. The earth is forever rearranged. In the aftermath, only half of the world’s population has survived. 

It takes over a hundred years to recover from what no one could ever have been prepared for. The age of technology is now only a faint memory in the oldest of survivors. 

Thrown back to the dark age, humanity must relearn how to feed, clothe and protect themselves. Some forge swords, build plows and begin to tame the wilds, while the truly desperate scavenge the ruins of huge cities, which are teeming with feral animals and dangerous chemicals. 

Banded together for safety’s sake, the new tribes of the world are mistrustful, and hostile. Traveling is a dangerous proposition, and straying into another tribe’s territory almost always means death.

Desperate for power and a life of ease, a savage tribe risks it all by exploring the nearest abandoned city. There they find old, advanced weapons. Though it costs them several lives, after experimentation, they discover how to use them. Using their newfound power to travel to the next city, they gather more followers and destroy the tribes that stand in their way. The next expedition results in more lives lost and more power gained. Again and again they repeat the process, gaining followers while they travel and losing a few in the cities. 

The leaders begin to notice that the tribe becomes sick after each visit into the cities, with symptoms that match radiation sickness, an affliction that is known and dreaded, but is called by another name. They deal with this by not going into the cities themselves and quietly ridding themselves of whoever shows the worst signs of sickness, all the while hiding the signs of the sickness in themselves.

Meanwhile, in the savage tribe’s path, two large tribes are simultaneously feuding and trying to survive. Adopting a medieval lifestyle has worked well for them, and they’ve crafted and are proficient with swords and bows. When word arrives that the savage tribe are heading their way and they’ve already assimilated and enslaved several other tribes, the two tribes must either work together or be destroyed.


No one's sure how it happens, but every once in a while, a child is born with the ability to change. To morph their form into that of an animal. Changelings are feared and despised by normal humans. Often they are accused of possession or witchcraft and driven out. 

But it's not as if they have nowhere to go. Changelings stand together, live together and do their best to help each other.

Most of them anyway.

A small faction of changelings are experimenting with half-changing. A dangerous practice that threatens the sanity of those who try it and the safety of those around them. 

And they have a vendetta against everyone, Changelings or not.


Luke Cooper isn't supposed to exist.  So when someone calls the mercenary headquarters looking for him, Tactic panics. He's already on thin ice with the rest of the team. Any more scrutiny and his secret could be discovered.

[Insert Title Here] - OYAN  Novel:
So I've started this fairly awesome program called One Year Adventure Novel or OYAN. I'm only about 6 lessons into it, but it's been different than any other writing program I've done or book I've read. 6 lessons in and I haven't written much more than two paragraphs, and yet, it's progressing. I've actually written more than two paragraphs, but it's been in the workbook. And it makes me think. I'm doing more thinking than writing currently, but it's stuff one should consider when writing a novel, but I never have. Like, what's the theme of my book? What am I hoping to communicate through my book? 
The only complaint I have (and it may be a perception issue on my end) is that sometimes things that are said in the lesson and questions in the workbook aren't 
very clear to me. At one point he says that your character should have some sort of undeserved misfortune, some sort of power, and a virtue they embody, which
leaves me wondering if they have to have all three, but the teacher wasn't 
very clear on that. And then the questions in workbook sometimes leave me 
wanting clarification, but if it wasn't in the video, then I just have to make a guess at it.
But, down to the actual plot of the novel. I wrote a bit of a synopsis in lesson three, so I'll copy down my work for you here. What I wrote is italicized.

1. The Way Things Are-
It's easy enough to get along with those who live like us. But what would happen if the ancient cultures of the world were suddenly required to work together?

2. The Hero - 
Brenna Ceasaigh loves her seaside home, but when the legendary Guardians offer to train her and her brother, how can they refuse?

3. The Story Goal -
As they travel with the Guardians, they collect more students in a race against the crafty and evil Summoners. If they cannot defeat the Summoners, they will summon an army of demons to join their cause.

4. The Villain - 
The Summoners are two demon worshiping travelers who are attempting to gather students from the Guardians and summon demons to do their bidding.

5. The Price My Hero Will Pay - 
Unknown. Possibly losing her hand or her brother.

6. The Theme - 
Demons cannot be controlled for your own purposes.

Obviously, it needs quite a bit of fleshing out and the Summoners are definitely not going to make it to the end of the book with that title. It was what came off the top of my head. I may continue posting my work as I do it so people can see how it progresses. We'll see.


  1. Hey, this is Cochrane96 from NaNo. Actually, I did find both of your bios cool, since I'm a Christian from Arkansas as well, so I added you as writing buddies (if that's OK). Thanks.

  2. OYAN helped me so much!! Okay, yeah, I hated it, but it improved my writing so much. It taught me how to structure my story and to build strong characters. Even though Dan Thingamagummy created it to help kids who are not writers write a novel, and it's not totally directed towards young aspiring authors, (he's a lot more complacent about some things than I would like) it's still super helpful;)

    1. Hmm... I shall have to resume it sometime soon. Thanks for taking a look at our blog! :)


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