Saturday, December 1, 2012

[Big Sigh Of Relief Here]

Aaaand, it's Trinity!
NaNoWriMo is officially over, and I'm sure whatever little bit of audience I have is tired of hearing about it, so let me be brief. (Relatively brief)
I failed. I lost. I did not complete the goal. I failed spectacularly, too. Because not only did I fail to reach the original goal, I failed to reach my namby-pamby goal as well. But! I did get 21, 273 words completed, which is a lot more than I had when I started. For that, I am thankful.

Moving right along! Not only do I think you're probably tired of hearing reading about NaNo, quite frankly I'm tired of writing about it. So now I can focus on my actual writing that I've done. And am planning to do.
Tribes Of The Earth has formed in my mind like no other story I've written. I add little pointless details here and there and then further along, they weave themselves back into the story and become an important part of it. Go figure. Something I am missing a little is getting to know my characters a little better. Deidre, Gavin, Jerod, Cassandra, Ramona... etc. etc. You'll learn more about them later. I'm planning to put what I've written so far up a little at a time. And be very afraid, because I write (in my opinion) excellent cliffhangers and I know how to use them!
Anyway, I haven't really had time to get into the minds of my aforementioned characters, even though I've defined their personalities.

Deidre is almost always in complete control of herself. Or she tries to be. She rarely gives out her own name, but those who know her know her as Deidre Traviat, The Sorrowful Wanderer.
Gavin is wild card, and he knows it and intends to stay that way. He is driven by desperation, anger, and a will not only to survive, but to come out on top.
Jerod is burdened with glorious purpose with his own sense of responsibility. He's slow to anger and thinks things through carefully.
Cassandra adores her cousin (Jerod) even though he's serious and quiet. She tried to emulate him, but usually ends up letting her temper get away from her. She likes to reason and is known for turning phrases.
Ramona.... is a new character, just recently added. I know very little about her. She isn't strong or athletic like most of the other characters, because she hasn't needed to be. She spends most of her time reading, studying and writing.

Actually, just in writing these, I've learned more about each one. Makes me think I should start doing character posts. That would be fun. A lot of fun. I think I shall. Although, I'll wait until they come into the story before writing out their innermost workings. Just so you can see how they play in. I may have to include spoilers, but I'll warn you first so you don't have to see them if you don't want to.
I'm re-catching the blogging bug, so look out for more posts very soon! :D

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass! 
~ Trinity 

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