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So, we were going to work together to make an About The Blog page by using Google Documents (now Google Drive), but then things went a little... haywire.

Hannah has opened the document.

Trinity: Hello?

Hannah: Yeah, I see you.

Not sure how to type on there.
What is the little greem thing?

Trinity: That would be my cursor.
Now you type something.

Hannah: You totally shared something with me on August something. I didn't even know how to get on Google docs then.
Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.
So, what do we write?



Trinity: -_-
Here's what we've got so far.

Hannah: Did you want me to type it on the document?
You totally deleted my thing.
Trinity: Totally. *Writes: We (Trinity and Hannah) started this blog to share our adventures in writing!*
Hannah: Oddessey?
Trinity: No. Focus.

Hannah: That's not spelled right.
Awkward document...
Trinity: Should I just write this myself?
I don't want to make it a promo thing for NaNoWriMo.
Hannah: ?
Trinity: That's not what it's primarily for.
Hannah: Okay...
Trinity: It's for sharing all our writings.
Hannah: It's still the first time we've both blogged about it.
It's still the first time we've collaborated.
I'm not saying anything about NaNoWriMo.
We should totally have Skype.
You're the boss, so tell me how you want to outline this.
Our history?
The reason we made this blog?
Trinity: Yes, but not as specifically as in our About ____ pages.
Yes, the reason, but not the Nano reason.
Hannah: (Primary being NaNo, secondary being our other novels)
So, we've been writing since approx. _____ age, and we've done a writing exercise that we call creative writing for the last __ years...
Trinity: NaNo being the thing that inspired me to start the blog.
Hannah: Us.
Trinity: Yes. That's good.
Me, and then us.
Hannah: Whatever.
We could just put our conversation on here.
We could just be talking about, like, OMG, I love writing, and we've been doing it for such and such years long and etc.
Trinity: That would be weird and we don't use the expression OMG.
Hannah: Oh my goldfish. You know, you just delete everything I write.
Trinity: Not _everything._ 
 Just everything so far.

Hannah: What have you not deleted that will be in the final draft?
Trinity: Uh.... the whole highlighted part at the bottom might make it in.
Hannah: No NaNo promo...
Trinity: Well.... IDK.
Hannah: And the sequel thing is for me About Me page, and 'we aren't going into such detail'...
Trinity: Just summarize your writing experience and current projects.
Hannah: With a little editing.
Trinity: ?
Hannah: So, I have been writing for at least... say, half my life.
Trinity: And you're... 14?
Hannah: Fourteen.
Close to fifteen.
Trinity: So, since you were seven-ish?
Hannah: Yeah.
Good golly-wolly, remember Orphna?
Trinity: Haha!
Yeah, that was....
Hannah: That was...
Trinity: Lame.
Hannah: That's one way to put it.
Trinity: Was that the one with the giant possum?

Hannah: Haha, yes.
Trinity: And the queen outlawed raising bees so the kingdom revolted?
Was it raising bees or eating danishes?
I forget.
Hannah: And this chick who would attack people one minute and get captured the next...
Trinity: Anyway.
Hannah: The danishes were a completely different story.
Trinity: Silly me.
Hannah: So, anyhoo.
Trinity: Of course, Milliayn wasn't much better.
Hannah: No way, jose.

Trinity: Technology got outlawed instead of bees.
Hannah: Still better.
But not good.
Villen. The villain.
It was laughable.
And still is.

Trinity: And the technology rebels with their incineration guns and flying motorcycles were being oppressed by the guys with swords who ran on foot.
Hannah: Hoodies!
Trinity: *cringe*
They were my solution.
Hannah: Yes, yes, yes.
And you didn't even spell college right.
Of course, wasn't that on purpose?
Trinity: Guys who used technology fighting for the guys who don't use technology to defeat the guys that use technology. A.K.A Hoodies.
I don't remember. I was seven.
Hannah: That is pretty confusing for a seven-year-old...
I think at that point you were ten.
Trinity: Kollege was seven, hoodies were ten.
Hannah: Lame like llama with no knees.
That was obscure.
Trinity: 0.o Say what?

Hannah: Obscure...
So anyway.
Then I have my more recent stories.
Which are only slightly less laughable.
Trinity: Darby's Dragon, books one through eight.
Hannah: Currently books 1 and 1/16th.
It's not going too well.

Trinity: But you have six more planned out in your head, right?

Hannah: Seven.
Trinity: Of course.
Hannah: If you include the other 15/16ths.
Trinity: Sure, why not.
Hannah: It's much awesome-er in my head than on paper.
But I've only been working on book 2 for three years, as opposed to your ten year novel.
Trinity: It's work in progress!

Hannah: So is mine, but it hasn't taken ten years.
Trinity: And you can't rush perfection! Rome wasn't built in a day!
Hannah: Perfection is usually faster, though! I liked draft... what was it, 6?
Trinity: I never numbered them, so I have no idea. How long did it take Tolkien?

Hannah: Actually, ten years, I think.
But he's done.

And you're not.

Trinity: He's dead.
Hannah: Yes, but he's done.
And you're not.
Trinity: I'll finish it posthumously.
Hannah: Post-who-what-now?
After you're dead?
Trinity: Posthumously. It means after you're dead.
Hannah: That'll go over well with the fans.
Ha ha ha.
Trinity: Assuming I have any left.
Hannah: Ghost-writing.
Trinity: A whole new meaning.
You have any ideas for your NaNo novel?

Hannah: Yes, kind of.
Sort of.
A small one.
Trinity: You've got nothing, then.
Hannah: Not quite nothing!
I have a good, very well thought-out plan.
Trinity: Uh-huh.
Hannah: ...
I have no plan.
Trinity: I knew it.
Hannah: I do actually have a small plan.
Like, mustard seed plan. STRONG! But small.
So, anyhoo, anyhoo.
That's basically what we're trying to do. Not make bad stories.


Trinity: It's not working so far, but hope springs eternal.
We're breaking the fourth wall now, right?

Hannah: Yup. Consider it splintered.

Trinity: When in doubt...

Hannah: I have a vague hope that if I show a good number of people my story, I might get constructive criticism.

Trinity: Like, it stinks here, but I like your dialogue?

Hannah: Um, probably actually the opposite.

Trinity: Your dialogue stinks but the storyline here is great?

Hannah: Or, like, it stinks here, and your dialogue stinks, but your descriptions are marvelous.
You should do a whole book of just descriptions.

Trinity: Bo-ring.

Hannah: Yeah, no, that wouldn't be so constructive.

Trinity: I think that pretty much sums us up.
(Not the non-constructive part)
(The whole chat. Thing.)

Hannah: Do you doubt my ability to make interesting descriptions?

Trinity: No.
We're not talking about descriptions anymore.
We blew up the fourth wall, so now we've got to do the farewells.

Hannah: So long, little blog-reader people.
It has been... strange.

Trinity: Did we complete the objective? Stating the purpose of the blog and summarizing ourselves?

Hannah: Eh, there's always next time.
For the most part though, yes, I think that was acchieved.

Trinity: Achieved?

Hannah: *achieved

Trinity: We're achievers!
Y'know, those little fish that go on pizzas.

Hannah: To avoid confusion, we'll take that last little part there out...

Trinity: Noooo we woooon't....

Hannah: So to all you bloggy people...
Catch you... later.

Trinity: Bye!
Okay, everything below that line doesn't go in.

Hannah: (The 'Fin' goes after the bye, you fool!)

Trinity: Okay, bye!

Hannah: >:P

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  1. Haha, this is hilarious. Sounds like me and some of my friends. ;)


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