Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bob the Blog Post

It seems high time for a post of mine, which almost rhymes, but not quite. (I know, that last part just killed it, right?)

It's Hannah again.

NaNoWrimo was a no-go for me. I can't write that hard, that much, that long, so maybe next year. Besides,  I missed my other babies. You're only allowed to write something that doesn't have any pre-written materials, so all the books in my head wouldn't work because I write stuff all over the place.
So I'm writing on my normal story now! Well, actually, currently a prequel to my normal story that I haven't finished yet and should also be working on. So shame on me. I feel happy about writing again. I didn't like my NaNo book much at all.

"My babies" are elves. I love them. I'm working on a fantasy novel, about another dimension, with dragons and swords and battles and blood-thirsty 30-foot serpents and so on. That's where my babies come in.
Plus, these are proper elves. Tall, graceful, woodland types, not little Santa helpers or imp-like creatures that skip about in the woods. Those are elfs. Not elves. Big difference.

I'm not going to go into elegant detail like Trinity did, about how this book opened up like no other book I've ever done, since it was mostly an accident. And didn't start very well. But this is the one that's always in my head, all the time.
Sometimes something happens that surprises even me, and over the years it seems to have unfolded mostly on it's own. I know how some people say that; that their characters have minds of their own, and that the book is writing itself, but seriously, I don't think I'm quite good enough to have done all this stuff on purpose. A filler character from book one is the character that has the deepest history for me (he's my definite favorite). And someone that I didn't expect to be bad is bad, and someone that I meant to be friendly is a grump, and vice versa with another character. I have nooooo idea how some of these things happened. Also, being in a family with ten kids changes a few things. For example, I have a character named Dyani that my sister loves mindlessly and gets furious whenever I imply that I might kill her off. I'm still not sure about that one.

I will elaborate on this later, and for the meantime I have a lot of stuff to write, so venaxi (Elvish for "goodbye", according to my world).

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