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Orphna's Tale

When I think about it, the first actual book I started writing was one called Orphna's Tale. It was before any of my fantasy books, even before we began doing our creative writing challenges (indeed, it was this book and its lack of plot that spawned the creative writing).
Okay, the storyline is basically this.
There was this queen: Queen Losila. She did this thing that the people didn't like, so they revolted.
(This thing that she did? She took away everybody's bees. Everybody had beehives and she took them away, so they revolted. I don't remember what was so significant about that, but if I ever finish this story, that's going to go away.)
The story is about the queen's advisors, the Vinzine, who, all of a sudden, went from very special happy people to hunted people that everybody hates. They have to run from this man and his band of revenge-intent people, the Cerchin (based, I think, on the word searching). They live in a hideout in the woods.
The main character, Arsha, is being chased by the leader of the Cerchin, Jorph. Since the Vinzine cannot survive forever in the woods, a member has to go out every once in awhile to get some food, hoping that they aren't recognized. In this case, on the way back from the marketplace, Jorph sees Arsha carrying the food back. She tries and fails to lose him, resulting in the Cerchin finding their hideout, and ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.
Anyways, it was really bad. It was clichéd and just really, really terrible. As you can see in this section here:

Kiake carelessly jumped out the way of diving soldiers.
But what she failed to see was a young man climbing up the side of the fort. He jumped down on her, wrenching her arms into a tight hold behind her back. “Perhaps you’ve heard of me.” The man spoke, “The name is Jorph.”

I wince as I read this. Someday I plan to come back and use this storyline, and maybe some of the characters, but I will cut out just about everything else and burn it with fire. Now, I don't want to dwell on this anymore, so on we go.

Darby's Dragon series

Book 1: A Dragon For Darby
Introducing my babies.
I'm sorry to say (because it seems really horrible when you're talking about 'your babies') but the first book was, in literary terms, an ugly little thing. Really horrible. Not as bad as Orphna, but I still re-disgust myself with every reading (plus, I gave it to a friend who likes books, and her reading it makes me kind of horrified).
Darby (aforementioned friend) is the main character. She was eleven when I wrote the first book (she's nearly fifteen now). In the story, she and her family are camping. While in the woods, responding to nature's call, she comes across a small blue ring. When Darby puts it on, a dragon appears. Eventually, with a little explaining, the dragon tells Darby that she is a maiden's dragon - a dragon raised and trained specifically for the protection of the female kind, one female in particular.
And for reasons I know not of, they go into another dimension, meet some elves, and get a dragon-saddle and a sword. Then for other unknown reasons, Aquamarine (the dragon) is not allowed to go home with them. So Darby's sad, and they drive home. Then they find out that Aquamarine rode on the top of the car, so she's allowed to stay with them and Darby's happy. Happy ending, yay!

I don't know what happened there.

 Book 2: Darby's Quest
Almost immediately after I gave Darby (the real one) this book, I began writing the next one.
I had no idea what I was doing. It wasn't until later that I realized that the first book stank. At that point... I had still not finished book two. I currently have still not finished book two. I did got really close to finishing book two, but I have restarted book two, and so am really far from the ending of book two. 
By the way, book two is formally called Darby's Quest (it was called Dragon Quest, but I found out that that was the name of a video game, so I changed it to Darby's Quest).
That is going to take awhile to finish.

Eyra Chronicles
I'm not going to say way too much about this, because I'm pretty much the only one who knows a blessed thing about it and this is probably the first time I've said anything about this officially.
Eyra Chronicles follows Darby's Dragon, and is in the world of the elves (named Eyra - coinky-dink?). Instead of being done from the point of view of Darby, it will be from the point of view of the elves. I have a queue of five, maybe six books to be done in this series.

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