Friday, October 4, 2013



Five little girls, five steps they took 
To the clear and crystal babbling brook .
To the five berry bushes that grew down there, 
A-waving in the autumn air. 
On each little bush two berries grew, 
of white, green, red, and black and blue. 
Of the first little bush with berries green, 
One made you nice and the other mean. 
The second bush, with blackest berry, 
One made you sad, the other made merry. 
The third little bush, with berries blue, 
If you ate one you shrunk, the other... you grew. 
The fourth bush had berries, red as a rose, 
That changed the size and length of your nose. 
The fifth, berries white, as babies breath 
The one berry brought life, the other death. 
The very first girl... Anne, called she 
Was meaner than a bumble-bee. 
The second girl, by the name of Beth 
Had nearly cried herself to death. 
The third little girl, whose name was Cort, 
Happened to be extremely short. 
The fourth girl's name was Daffodil, 
A semi-truck her nose could fill. 
The fifth girl's name was simply... Ever. 
She was convinced that she would live forever. 
They traveled together to the quiet stream, 
Each with her own private dream. 
Anne from bush one, a green berry tore, 
Ate it and got nastier than before. 
Beth though, had no inner fears 
Ate a blackberry, and then drowned in her tears. 
A berry of blue, did Cort pick from bush three. 
She ate and then shrunk till too small to see. 
The giant-snozzed Daffodil ate a berry of red. 
Her nose swelled ten times and then squashed her down dead. 
The small simple Ever stared at the fifth bush. 
Then picked both berries and squashed them to mush. 
She took them both and ate them plain, 
And then walked back home, exactly the same. 
Despite all her confidence of immortality inside, 
At age 97... Ever up and died. 

By the way, the name of this post, or this poem, has nothing to do with Gail Carson Levine's book. Actually, the above is a poem I (Hannah) wrote in my notebook in two hours while my family ran errands and I sat waiting in the van, back in the November of 2011. The first few lines I came up with when I was about to fall asleep the night before.
It took a lot of thought to get all the colors and numbers and names to line up and rhyme at the same time. And did you notice the girls' names start with A, B, C, D and E? Maybe this is an indicator of genius... 

Trinity suggested that I put some of my poems up, like this one and the Clementine one, but as I've said, I can rarely write poems where someone doesn't die or something. I mean, really, Ever, for example, it's around 320 words, and I killed off five people. Well, I killed off three, technically Anne and Cort didn't die. I made horrible things happen to five people. That's just the writer in me. So continued poetry posts might or might not be a thing.

Tell me what you thought! Comments always make the day. My day, Trinity's day, just the day. And I'm sorry if I scared you with my... creepiness... *cough cough*. Not to say it won't happen again.

To God be the Glory,

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