Thursday, October 17, 2013


Alright!! Here's our big surprise. You finally get to meet us sorta face-to-face.
Mostly we're just kind of fooling around, answering some questions.
You'll probably be disappointed with what we really look and sound like. I usually am when I finally see someone that I've thus far only read their writing. But anyway.
And yes, this is absolutely normal for us. We act like this at home, when we're alone, and sometimes when it's late. Actually, we get worse when it's late.
So, here we go!

 -Trinity (And Hannah)


  1. AHH Hannah you're reading Dragon Flight?!?! That series is literally one of the best ones I've ever read!!! (in my mind I totally just said, "Hey! If she doesn't have the third one, she could just borrow it from me!" But that wouldn't really work, would it now? xD)

    1. Oh, I've already read all of the books once or twice, but we had to return Dragon Spear to the library before I could reread it this most recent time. Thanks for... almost offering! (Several times I've considered inviting people to bible study before I remember that they live in another state. :/)


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