Monday, January 21, 2013

Creative Writing ~ Star Wars

(Trinity here!)
I explained about creative writing before, but I'll do it again real briefly.
A creative writing assignment is when you're given a picture and you have to write about it for fifteen minutes (Approximately. If you really get into it, sometimes it can stretch out to a half-hour.) It's something my mom came up with for our school.
I found this one while I was combing through my 30GB external hard drive for all my old files about Aouthentica.
So, without further ado, CW Number One! (It's kind of fan fiction. And short.)

Kael Teilk bit her lip, trying to focus on the task before her. Impatiently  she brushed aside the single long braid that hung down the side of her face, but had an annoying habit of getting in her eyes. All padawans had to wear them, but in it's original conception, it had been placed so that one could tuck it behind their ear. Kael was unfortunately void of such a feature.
Her head-tails twitched as she tried to concentrate. Making a smoothing motion with her hand, she began to use the force to untwist a short trident. These particular tridents had four prongs instead of three, and could only be found in her master's home quadrant.
Master Yoda. Why of all the padawans to tutor, why had he picked a Twi'lek? And a female at that? Besides the fact that a greater portion of all Jedi were males, Master Yoda seemed to spend much of his time concerned with humans.
"Kael." Master Yoda's deep, scratchy voice brought her back to her task. "Finished yet, you are not."
"I'm sorry, Master." Kael closed her eyes, and with a surge of willpower, straightened out the last two prongs of the trident. Opening her eyes, she studied the trident. "Master, how are these used?"
Yoda chuckled. "With great skill are they used. Years of training one must have..."
He paused and shuffled over to the weapon. "...before one can use a Reepir."
Setting aside his walking stick, he leaned over and pick up one of the reepirs. It was only a few tregametrics taller than him. He held it straight out in front of him, parallel to the ground. Then with one smooth motion, he turned, set the prongs in the ground, and swung around the other side of it. Using his momentum, he pulled it out of the ground, bringing it around quickly to stab an invisible enemy. He sped up, performing many other astounding maneuvers  Kael watched in fascination. Then, in the blink of an eye, Yoda was before her, again an aged Jedi Master, setting the reepir back in it's place in the line.
"Master, you are truly powerful with the force!" Kael said in awe.
Yoda didn't answer for a moment, gazing at the reepirs. Then he said quietly, "Use the force, I did not."
Kael felt curiosity bubbling up inside her, but something about Yoda's solemn demeanor silenced her questions. Yoda let out a sigh, then picked up his walking stick. Turning, he faced the reepirs and waved his hand over them. They crumpled and twisted in seemingly impossible ways.
"Begin again." Yoda commanded, resting his hands on his staff.

And that's it. Obviously I didn't do a whole lot of research, since Twi'leks do seem to have a sort of ear thingy, but that's okay. Like NaNoWriMo, the point was just to write, not to make sure all your facts were correct. Actually, in a lot of ways, the creative writing assignments are a lot like mini-NaNoWriMo's. Or NaNoWriMo is like a month long creative writing. However you like to look at it.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!


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