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Blurbs: Rienna and Jrew

Trinity here!
It's been a while since I posted anything writer-ly, but I did write something recently about my two of my three favorite characters, Rienna Lee and Anjrew Arion.
They're from my Aouthentica novel that I've been working on since 2007-ish. They're also the very first characters I ever wrote in, and the first characters I wrote with any depth. It's also my only novel that is not set in a fantasy, dystopian, or middle-age type of setting. They've got guns and cell phones and whatnot.
Rienna's nineteen, and has no clue who her birth parents are, though she's pretty sure they're deceased. She was adopted by Liza, another character, so she's kind of got a mother.
Jrew's twenty-one (That's what everyone calls him, though his full name is Anjrew) is heir to the throne of Aouthentica, but is currently living in the refuge city of Milliayn in a neighboring country because his uncle (the last king) and his parents (the prince and princess) were killed in an uprising by one of the generals.
I really ought to write out the whole story for a post soon. It's very interesting (to me anyway), as well as long and involved. Plus, it would be good for me to have a complete synopsis written out for future reference.
In any case, Jrew and Rienna have been best friends since she was two and he was four, and she blew out the candles on his cake and they both burst into tears. They're more like brother and sister than best friends really. And just for clarification, there is absolutely nothing more to their relationship.
So, here's my blurb for them, which I wrote while pondering how the two would greet each other after being parted under various circumstances. Sometimes Jrew would just chew her out for almost getting herself killed, and other times he'd be absolutely frantic. He's kind of a worry-wart like that.
Then I thought what Rienna would be like if Jrew went off on a long trip and what her reaction would be like when he came back, and this is what I got.
It also surprised me how easily their dialogue came, and then I realized that of all the characters I've brought to life, I know Jrew, Rienna, and their friend Eyrik the best. Like, I know their brains inside and out. I wish I knew all my characters like that. It would make it so much easier to write. Of course, I've also put Rienna through all sorts of horrible things in my many blurbs, so I think that helped me develop her character a little more. (That and I've known her for nearly six years now.)
Okay, NOW here's my blurb:


Jrew shifted his duffel bag to hang behind him and began to fumble with his keys. He finally found the right one and inserted it in the doorknob. It clicked faintly as it unlocked, making him smile with relief. It was good to be home.

He pushed the door open, picked up his other suitcase and went into the kitchen. Dropping his bags on the floor, he flicked the light on and opened the fridge to see if anything was still good after his trip.

A dull thud came from the other room. Jrew straightened and frowned. There wasn't supposed to be anyone else in his apartment. He shut the fridge quietly and turned to face the rest of the house. Footsteps were approaching rapidly. Suddenly a figure clad in all black turned the corner. Jrew pulled his gun, placing the red dot sight on the intruder's chest.

"Jrew!" Rienna shrieked, completely ignoring the gun as she launched herself at him.

"Oof!" Jrew took two full steps backwards before putting his free arm around her. "Holy- Ri, I almost shot you."

"Did you just get back?" She asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Yeah. Crossed the border about ten minutes ago. What are you doing here?"

Rienna pulled back to give him an offended look.

He grinned. "No, I'm glad to see you and all, but how did you get in? And what are you doing here? It's three in the morning!"

She smiled sheepishly. "Cerra said you'd be back any day now, and I didn't want to miss you if you came in late, so I started staying over in my room."

Jrew extracted himself from her tenacious hug and gave her a push towards the kitchen table, saying, "That's not your room, it's the guest bedroom."

"I'm the only one that ever sleeps in it, and all the stuff in there is mine." She argued. "Oh, and we're out of shampoo."

Jrew looked away from making himself a sandwich. "I bought a new bottle before I left. You used it up already? How many days have you been staying here?"

Rienna picked an apple out of the fruit bowl in the middle of the table before answering, "Three nights."

"You do realize your apartment is just across the way?" He reminded her, bringing his sandwich to the table. "And that this one is actually mine?"

Rienna didn't look up from polishing her apple on her sleeve. "Are you saying you don't want me here?"

"Yes. Wait, no. Oh, forget it!" Jrew groaned and started in on his sandwich.

Rienna bit into her apple, froze, then yanked it away. "Bleah! It's fake!"

Jrew grinned and swallowed. "I was wondering if you were actually going to try to eat it."

"You knew?" She threw the apple at him and it bounced harmlessly off his shoulder. "You could've told me."

"I thought you knew." He shrugged, taking another bite.

They sat in silence until Jrew finished his snack, then he stretched and said, "You should get back to bed, Ri. I'm gonna do a little unpacking and hit the sack myself."

"Do you mind if I stay up with you?" She asked hopefully.

Jrew stretched and put his hands behind his head. "I'm only going to be up for ten more minutes, and I'm just gonna be getting out my toothbrush and stuff. Go ahead and go back to bed. I'll still be here in the morning."

She sighed and got up. "All right. You promise we can talk in the morning?"

"Yes, I promise." He got up and gave her another hug. "Incidentally, what did you knock over when I first got here?"

Rienna's face went a little red. "Nothing. I fell out of bed."


And that's all I've got for them right now. I hope that gives you a bit of a better idea about their relationship and personality. You'll probably being hearing more about them soon. But no promises, 'cause you know how bad I am about posting what I say I might post.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

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