Sunday, December 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo Conclusion 2013

Alright, it's December first and I topped out at 50,395 words! :D

It was hard. It wasn't easy at all. Week Two was the worst because the words wouldn't come, we had guests over every day of the week, and I could only write between 11:00pm and 2:30am. And I only stopped then because I couldn't physically keep myself awake past that time.

Anyway. But I did make both my goals, the first being 50,000 in thirty days, and the second being to finish before Thanksgiving. By week three and definitely week four,
everything was coming much more easily, and I was actually able to find time to write during the day instead of just the evening.

I reached 50,119 on the 27th at about eleven at night. Then I didn't write anything for two days because I was busy, and frankly, I was tired of writing and I really just wanted to sit down and read an entire book without feeling guilty that I was wasting time.

So. Aouthentica.
I'm nearly to the halfway point.
But there's the little issue of how far along I am in the plotline. I got about halfway to the halfway mark. Which yes, would be 1/4th of the way through.
I know a lot of it is junk that I'm going to have to cut out, and several scenes didn't go the way I planned them at all, and I don't like them. Several characters took a turn that I don't like and is completely out of character for them. I think that's because I was writing so late, and I just wasn't paying attention.
A lot of it needs rewriting and all of it needs cleaning up.
But before all that I need to get it typed up, because I still have approximately 35,431 words still in my notebooks.
I also want to do a bit of character profiling, just so I can keep everybody's quirks straight. I thought I knew my characters really well (they've been my brain's constant companions for years after all), but when it comes out my fingers, they all seem flat and one dimensional. It's very frustrating.

I'm not sure if I should stop and edit what I've already written or keep on writing.

I want to build on the scenes I've written, but if I'm going to change the scenes, then I can't really do that.

At the same time, I don't want to lose momentum.

But I really have been looking forward to editing and adjusting those scenes.

I don't know. I'll start with typing it up and profiling them.
Hannah got a very interesting book for her birthday, The Negative Traits Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Flaws, that I think will help me round out my characters quite nicely.

Hmm, what else, precious? Oh, well, I'm thinking about purchasing Scrivener since I'll be able to get it half off. I enjoyed using it last year, and I have way more stuff to organize with Aouthentica than I did with Tribes. Also, with all the editing I have to do, it'll be very useful for comparing everything.
Aaand.... I think that's about it for now.
Is anyone interested in an excerpt? It may not be great, but you'll probably be the first to see what I've written (besides Hannah) because I've kept everything else pretty much a secret. It's pretty bad without editing, and I'd hate to have people read it and think that's the best I can do.  But I'd edit an excerpt. No worries.

I'm going to go nap. Or write. Or read. But first I think I'll put a poll up, because I have another question for ya'll, but I want to see it in votes.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

P.S. Oh, and for those who might be interested, I went hunting with my dad yesterday and got my first deer! Booyah!

Whoops, almost forgot!
Special shout-out to Bekah (bekahjoan), who won as well!
Congratulations! (I'm so glad you made it!)


  1. Congratulations on finishing and your first deer! If y'all don't eat it, ship it down here ;)


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