Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If Hannah Were Dobby (For Lack Of A Better Title)

It's Hannah, and on this, the 26th day of NaNoWriMo, I have a total of 3,609 words.

I am ashamed. Bad Hannah, bad Hannah!

So I'm fairly certain I will not be writing 46,000+ words in four days, especially with enormous Thanksgiving preparations at our house. I blame this entire mishap on a lack of commitment on my own part. Was this what happened last year? I have no idea. I think I have problems being pushed into writing (even though honestly that's really what I need).
In other words, epic NaNoWriMo fail for me. Yes, I feel like I'm just giving up (shame on me). But I will not be giving up the book I'm working on. NO, I won't be giving up the book, that's silly. My characters are lovely beautiful folks and they are going to be on paper eventually if I have anything to say about it. But not before Thanksgiving. And if my stats are correct, not before October 2014.

And in other news, Trinity is sprinting to the finish with flying colors and... what's another cliché I can use... anyway, with 47,000 something words. Instead of writing I have been typing up her words for her, and I really ought to get a move on that so she can validate it soon. (Bug her until she posts a snippet, it is rather good.) So applause for her or props to her or whatever cool people say because I clearly am not one. I happen to only know two Wrimos in real life and they are both outstripping me embarrassingly. As are all of my online writing buddies. (*makes raspberry noise*)

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you all feel bitter better in comparison.

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