Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Thought Of A Moon

                    I Thought Of A Moon                           

   of a moon on
     a planet over the world 
   with an angel with a star
   over Baby Jesus and Christmas

Poem and artwork by Hannah
(around age 6)

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful followers! I've been waiting nearly a year to post this picture-poem combo, that I recited years ago, and, if I recall, my Mama scribbled down on a restaurant napkin. But it is difficult to recall, since it was around ten years ago.
Thanks for putting up with us for so long, what with our crazy posting schedules and our bizarre ways of thinking and everything else. I can't actually be here today to post this, it being Christmas morning. But I won't get into our special Christmas traditions now, though when you look into the numbers (number of celebrating guests, number of gifts, number of crockpots of food, number of injuries... no, forget that last part), it's really quite interesting. 
So, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, or even believe in Jesus Christ at all, I wish you a fantastic 25th, a fantastic rest-of-the-year, and a happy new year.

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