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Character Group Rules - Giant Snakes

Hi, Hannah here. A very merry Un-Thursday to you!

I know my calendar said that the twenty-sixth of February was Tuesday. But it wasn't Tuesday, really, it was Monday, if you can believe my internal calendar. Either that or Wednesday. My internal calendar is confused. After the super-long break between posts, my idea of time concerning blogs gave up and retreated. So Monday was actually Tardeday. Nothing to do with Doctor Who, it's referring to my retardedness when it comes to the days of the week. Tardeday is the extra day that is inserted when a week goes either too slow or too fast. It's either the day you missed, or the one that apparently made it an eight-day slug week when you weren't looking.

In any case, sorry for postponing my post (hee hee, post-poning). I'm working on ideas for today's. My ten-year-old sister suggested that I say something about the giant snakes in Darby's Quest, and since I don't know much about them yet, I thought I'd better get on that.

So this is a Character Group Rules Post. Concerning... snakes.

Giant Snakes


Yeah, this is basically what they look like. I think at one point I described them to be around twenty feet tall (when rearing up), and if you put your arms out with the fingertips together like you're reaching around a tree... they're about twice that thick. The total length of an adult snake is probably around fifty feet long. I'm just judging by my nine-foot ceiling. If you don't think twenty feet tall is very big, try taking a measuring tape outside and put a twenty-foot length straight up in the air, against a tree or something. I just went and stretched a twenty-foot length out on the ground in my kitchen, and I didn't even bother to go up to fifty feet. My measuring tape isn't that long.
Now, if you spread your arms out as wide as you can, that's about how wide the mouth of a giant snake is. So yeah, being an elastic-intestiney snake, I bet one could swallow a dragon.

The main breeding grounds for the giant snakes (which I really need to think of a name for) is in Darkvale. I mentioned Darkvale in this post here: .

If you've ever seen Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets, imagine the basilisk.

Except more reptilian.

Every once in a while, one of these enormous serpents will leave their hunting/breeding grounds and begin to prey on the Elvish cities nearby. In the event of this happening, the Elves of the city will gather some volunteers and go out to get rid of the scourge. Some of the Elves would think of it as a sport, like boar hunting in olden times. Dangerous, but a long-awaited challenge.
Some have lobbied to get the entire race extinguished, but the problem has not yet been breached by the Elvish council.

The giant snakes are slightly intelligent. They can't talk like dragons can (their tongues would get in the way anyhow), but they can understand some intelligent speech. This caused them to be persuaded/brainwashed to join the Superior's ranks, partly out of a desire to rid Eyra of dragons.

Oh, two things. First, the Superior is my nickname for the villain in Darby's Quest. You are the first to be introduced to them! Second, the snakes really hate light. That's why they like to live in Darkvale. And they hate dragons mostly because of their love to breathe fire, which creates the hated light and warmth. Yes, I did just make that up, how did you guess?

I think that's all I have on the giant snakes so far. A large part of my brain has been taken up by a new story idea that has been growing like mold. Not a lovely simile, but anyway. Sofie and Colter are stuck in the woods until I finish this post, fix my Orphna cover (well, how was I supposed to know the chick that I used was Lara Croft? I've never played Tomb Raider), and maybe storyboard that music video that is "due" on March 4th. Then there's the birthday party. My sister's birthday was yesterday, Mama's birthday is tomorrow, my brother's is the day after that, Sarah's is the 10th, Darby's the 11th, and Darby's sister's birthday was two days ago, so the upcoming "Big Birthday Bash" is taking up most of our time.
Oh, yeah, and I have to work on my slowly-assembling art blog,, that I'm co-operating with Sarah (my younger sister).

Um, I was planning not to make any excuses. We might not be able to get a post up until around the 5th, though.

Feedback is very welcome. Basically, one of my biggest problems is getting an idea for a post, so if there's anything you'd like to know about, from either Trinity or I, asking is not a problem.

Hmm, I'm thinking I need a signature to finish off my posts, something like what Trinity has. 

Oh well.

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