Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snippets Of A Story

Here are some random snippets of different stories I've written. Most of them do not have titles.

7/24/12 - Creative Writing #21 - 
It was a wrong number that started it, the telephone ringing three times in the dead of night, and the voice on the other end asking for someone he was not. Sureshot answered it, and, of course, that was what got us in trouble. There’s a reason he’s called Sureshot and not Brain. 
At the time I was checking my rifle for the millionth time. Not because I was bored, although I was, but because I don’t ever want to be in situation where my gun stops working. 
Anyway, I heard the phone ring, which meant something new was coming. It’s a private line and it never rings unless someone has a job for us. There was a general rush for the phone and Sureshot got there first, which earned him a lot of nasty looks from the rest of the gang. He grinned, picked it up and immediately asked what the job was. I think he was trying to sound like he knew what he was doing. I glanced up at him, and I noticed he was pale. Paler than normal. The boy is never out in the sun. Not many of us are, but I’ve never met anyone lighter than Sureshot. He started stammering something about a wrong number. 
That got everyone’s attention. In the ten years we’ve worked here, we’ve never gotten a wrong number call. Our number’s too unique. There’s not another one like it in the world. We made sure. 
He hung up and Shadow swooped down on him, her words barely intelligible through her thick accent.

“Who was it?” She demanded.

Tribes Of The Earth - 
Deidre took a stance that she knew would be seen as aggressive to a wolf. Shoulders hunched, eyes wide open and teeth bared, she growled at him. With a deep bark that sounded like a roar to her, he bounded down the side of the cliff.
Stab him under the chin to save the pelt. She reminded herself in the few seconds before she had to act.
The wolf charged her fearlessly. Deidre’s hand tightened on the knife and she thrust forward and upward. And missed. Somehow, either it had slipped to the side or her aim was off, but she missed.
Throwing his full weight at her, paws on her chest, he knocked her to the ground. The knife went flying out of her hand and black spots danced in front of her eyes as she got the wind knocked out of her. The wolf opened his jaws and lunged for her throat. She had the presence of mind to throw her arm up and he bit down on it instead. There was a sharp crack and Deidre screamed in pain.

8/8/12 - Creative Writing #23 -
I stepped out into the hall. The air was considerably cooler out here than in my room, but my bare feet sunk into the deep carpet, and my long silky pants nearly covered my toes. My shoulders were even warmer under my heavy fur cloak.
It was blessedly quiet out here. No one was waiting to ply me with questions or demand explanations for my actions. I padded down the hallway, passing the doors of my associates, most of which had burly, armed men standing guard in front of them. They nodded to me as I passed, no doubt as instructed by their employers.
I winced inwardly, knowing that with so many eyes watching, my little escapade to the lobby would be the talk of the town tomorrow and would enrage my ambassador to no end. He seemed to think that the only politically correct thing for me to do was to hole myself up in my suite for days. I just wanted a little change of scenery.
As I turned the corner, a little girl came charging at me, looking back over her shoulder. Without time to dodge, I caught her a carefully as I could, though she still head-butted me in the stomach.

7/5/12 - Creative Writing #15 -
I sat perfectly silent, perfectly still. All around me, people, for that is the kindest way to describe the poor souls, scurried about... working I suppose. I don't pay much attention to them. They do what I pay them for and we don't bother each other. The Egyptian style yacht cut through the water silently, as I had ordered. I sat ramrod straight under the shaded canopy, watching each hut as we went past. All had their door shut, and from a few you could hear loud and strange cries. Everyone around me flinched periodically when we drew too close to one of the noisier ones. They weren't pleasant sounds, like coins clinking, or the snish of bills being printed, or the snigger of a lower mercenary that thinks he's just made a good deal. They were angry, bloodthirsty sounds, of creatures who were each more than capable of committing a massacre by their lonesome.

Aouthentica (Older Version) - 
Rienna sprinted up the stairs into the lounge. Usually, the lounge was filled with couches and tables and games. It even had its' own refrigerator stocked with sodas and other various snacks. All those things were still there today, but practically buried under suitcases, valises, and travel bags of all kind. 
"Good Grief! Cam, are you in here?" Rienna asked. 

"Yeah, I'm here." His voice came from deep within the recesses of the room. 

Rienna cringed as a stack of suitcases toppled to the ground with a crash. "Cam? Are you okay?" 

"I'm alright." He answered, picking his way through the leather mounds. "So, what can I do for you?" 

His auburn hair was the exact same shade as Cara's, and the two looked identical in every way possible. One of the few differences was that Cam was a few seconds older. 

"I need another saddlebag." She said, showing him the tear. 

Cam sighed. "Those are all the way on the other side of the room, Ri!" 

She smiled and set the bag down. "I'll help you."

At this, he smiled sheepishly. "No, I'll get it. That's what I'm here for." 

He turned and began restacking the fallen suitcases, adding, "Wish I wasn't, though." 

Perplexed, Rienna asked, "Where would you rather be?" 

"Getting ready to leave with the rest of you." He snorted. "It's going to be so boring here without all you guys. Especially you." 

"Aw. That's sweet."

 "But true." Rienna could hear the grin in his voice. "Everyone knows you're the source of all the fun and trouble around here." 

"I am not the source!" She exclaimed. "Trouble and fun come from all over the place. I just sort of... nudge it along."

The Very First Version Of Milliayn - 
This is very embarrassing to share. However, feel free to laugh. It IS rather funny. In a horrible sort of way.

Rienna walked toward her home looking forward to a nice long nap. Just as she opened her door a scream came from the corner to Andjrews gate. Rienna whirled around to see that the group of soldiers who had chased her had scaled the gate. Rienna sighed as she pulled out her incinerator. Within minutes all that was left of the soldiers was ashes. 

Rienna pulled out her messenger and sent a message to Jrew: 

We need an incinerator beam for the top of the gate. 
I had to destroy some of Villen soldiers. 
That reminds me, send 
the cleaning crew to “404 Incineration Place.” 

By the way I want you to know I'm willing to be the first one 
to try the transporter. 
I don't think we should risk the time machine, most of us are affected by 
Villen's life, even by the things he did when he was young. If it wasn't for 
Villen some of us wouldn't even be born. 


Rienna walked to her house, incinerated the trash, poured herself a drink, and wrote herself a note to message Myck and tell him about the meeting. then she walked into her room for a long, long nap. 

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  1. Great snippets! I enjoyed reading them.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you very much, but all the glory goes to God. :)
      And you have a lovely day as well.


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