Monday, June 17, 2013

Presenting Our New Idea!

Okay! We're going to try something new, and we're both really excited about it!
I've explained before what a Creative Writing assignment is. But lemme do it one more time:

"When I say Creative Writing, I mean the homeschool exercise my mother has us do (though not recently). She collects interesting or odd pictures as she surfs the internet and then emails them to us. Our assignment is to look at it, then spend fifteen minutes writing a story about it, without worrying about spelling or grammar, just write. Kind of like a mini NaNoWriMo."

Now then. If you were to go to this Pinterest board you might just find a collection of 52 pictures that are all numbered. IF perchance you were to pick one of the more interesting pictures out and were to comment that you found number __ to look awesome, we would most likely, in all probability, definitely use it for a Creative Writing session. 
Because, honestly, it just doesn't work well to assign yourself CW pictures. So we are asking that you do it for us. And really, all you have to do is pick a cool picture and you'll get a short story on it. (Or maybe a long one, depending on how interested we are in the story.) How awesome is that?!
So. Go pick one!

-Trinity and Hannah


  1. i must say, I have seen 11 many times, and it continues to intrigue me to know end....;D

    1. Excellent! Creative writing(s?) on number 11 comin' right up! :D

  2. I'm going for 29- sure wouldn't want to run into her without an H&K G36 at the ready!


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