Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changelings - Part Three

Well, I haven't posted since April 5th. I'm a very mean person to leave you hanging like that. And so, to make it up to my (two?) readers, I will immediately post the next part of the Changelings story, with the answer to who "they" are.

A quick summary of where we are in the story, 'cause it's been over a month since I posted the last part.
Gregg, Sabine, Kay and Oren are changelings. They can change into animals. Gregg is bringing news to Oren in the sorta changeling headquarters, which is a large castle. Oren kind of runs the place.Kay is a bird changeling that Gregg got his news from. Sabine is Gregg's friend. Gregg had been running through the snow, all night long, as a cream colored cat. He was so tired, he couldn't finish his change and got stuck halfway between cat and human, but Oren fixed him up with a tonic. Sabine just changed back into a human from a wolf, so she's a bit excitable right now, borrowing from the dog-like personality she just had.
I think that pretty much covers it. Here's part three for your enjoyment!

>>>>>>>> Part Three <<<<<<<

Sabine grinned back at Gregg. “You’re blonde.”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, I was cream colored.”

She looked meaningfully at Oren. “You wanted to tell him something?”

He winced and nodded. Turning to Oren he said, “Sir, one of our field units reported movement. They seem to be migrating.”

Oren frowned, an unusual expression for him. “Which one?”


“Who reported this?” Oren repeated.

“Oh. Kay, sir. Kay…” Gregg searched for the name. “…Torth.”

Oren sighed heavily. “I was afraid of that.”

Sabine stepped forward, her eyes glinting wolf-green in the dancing firelight. “Is something wrong with Kay?”

“No, not at all.” Oren sat down in the chair Gregg had been napping on moments earlier. “Kay is extraordinarily reliable. She’s been with us since she was an infant changeling.
Just a little tiny thing. She used to change to a kitten and I’d put her on my shoulder. She would cling there and watch me work.”

“Sir?” Gregg said quickly, hoping to break him from his bout of nostalgia.

“Oh, yes. Sorry.” Oren smiled. “No, Kay has never been wrong. Which means there’s very little hope that she’s mistaken.”

Sabine glanced between Gregg and Oren and back again. “They can’t really be migrating, can they?”

Gregg looked very serious. “Not exactly.”

Oren put his finger tips together and explained, “Half-changers don’t migrate. If they’re on the move, they’re coming here.”

“Half-changers.” Sabine repeated, a little awed. “They do that on purpose?”

“Yes.” Oren said absently, deep in thought.

“The common people refer to them as were-wolves.” Gregg explained. 

I know that's still kind of short, but they will get longer pretty soon. 
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Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!


  1. ahhhh. Half changers! It's getting quite interesting.

    May I make a wee request? ;)
    please, oh pretty pretty please, don't take such a long long time getting us part 4.

    1. Ah, yes... Terribly sorry about that. I've been super-super busy, but really, not too busy to post. I just didn't do it. :-\
      But, no! I will definitely NOT take such a long time to post part 4, 5, 6, etc! I think the blogging bug bit me again, so I expect more posts to be coming soon. No promises, though.
      Well, actually, I will promise about the Changelings. I promise not to let a full week go by without putting the next part up, until I run out of story. Feel free to hold me to that! :)

  2. Ah! This is getting very interesting and your descriptions are beautiful! And I will most definitely hold you to not taking long on the other parts ;)



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